Commercial Citrus – Fighting Microbes With Microbes

Loss of soil organic matter and associated loss of soil microbial activity has contributed to an increase in soil borne plant diseases. Pests and diseases cause significant economic crop loss in agricultural production systems, and growers identify management of pests and diseases as one of the top farm management issues across the globe.

University of Florida researchers are now recommending that citrus growers put an increased focus on overall soil quality and maintaining the health of a grove’s root system in relation to other soil-borne pests to maintain as much of a root system as possible.

Use of Ferti-Comp® on Commercial Citrus

There is no better material for promoting healthy roots than high-quality compost. Ferti-Comp® with its stabilized organic matter content and unusually high and diverse populations of beneficial micro-organisms will greatly improve the properties of soil physically (structurally), chemically (nutritionally), and biologically.

It will reduce soil compaction and promote rapid root establishment, improve growth rates and overall plant health, provide a vast array of macro and micronutrients, reduce nutrient losses through improved cation exchange capacity, increase populations of beneficial disease-suppressive soil microbes, and greatly improve the soils ability to absorb and store water.


Advanced Natural Mulches for Southern Highbush and Rabbiteye

Ferti-Bark is a unique product developed specifically for blueberry production and is a blend of pine bark and Ferti-Comp®, our high-quality compost. Ferti-Comp® is derived from a proprietary composting process developed by our partners at Harvest Quest.  Mature, stabilized compost is produced using a bacterial catalyst which enhances the natural biological process of composting. The end result is a product that has been shown to have vastly increased numbers of beneficial bacteria when compared to those produced using traditional composting methods. The addition of Ferti-Comp® provides advantages over regular pine bark.

Ferti-Bark for Commercial Blueberry Production


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