After several decades of experience working for other Potting Soils manufacturing companies, our team of experts took their experience and moved into the growing wave of pioneers who create unique premium quality potting soil mixes.

Southeast Soils (SES) utilizes their proprietary Ferti-comp as a base to custom blend mixes replacing much more expensive components. This allows SES to offer a high quality product at a cost savings to our customers.

SES offers the three most important attributes to our customers; Premium Quality, Excellent Customer Service and Cost Savings.


Matt Biegler / President: Matt is the Executive Director / Co-Owner of Southeast Soils specializing in soil manufacturing, composting, and raw material usages. After three decades of experience in mastering soil formulations / soil science for the professional nursery and turf grass industries, he formed a professional team of experts and started his business.

Richie Hakman / Vice President of Operations / Co-Owner of Southeast Soils: Richie has twenty years of experience in Soil Manufacturing, Quality Control, Inventory Control, Safety and Logistics.

Rich Hakman / Professional Sales: Rich has over four decades of experience in soil manufacturing operations and professional sales. After being forced to retire, I became so excited about the new products Southeast Soils offers to the growers with excellent pricing, reductions of fertilizer, weed free and superior customer service, it was an easy decision to start servicing long life friends in the nursery industry again.

Jeff Tedder / Professional Sales – Grower Specialist: Jeff has over 3 decades experience as a Grower specializing in Foliage, Propagation and Woody Ornamentals. After witnessing the unbelievable results from the Southeast Soils Mixes and materials, it was an easy decision for me to rep this new technology. We can truly offer a superior product at a cost savings to the customer.